Policies for Insurance for Driveway and Paving Contractors


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The US is seeing a rising demand for paving contractors. Every day, paving job sites are becoming more crowded. Traffic is increasing, causing damage to driveways and pavements. The increase in pavement size is also increasing the need for Paving contractors. Many new houses, malls, and other buildings are being built on pavement.

A paving contractor typically has the contract to pave the whole driveway or pavement. The driveways are usually wider than the roads. This is especially true when asphalt paving company workers are required to work on large projects that have many curves and turns.

Asphalt Paving Contractor’s Insurance Policy Typical paving contractors carry an insurance policy that covers them for personal liability, property damage, property rental, and advertising. In case an accident happens on your property while you were working, the contractor’s insurance would pay for the cost of all injuries and damage. If there are any workers in your building who get hurt, the policy will cover them too. Some contractors have worker’s comp coverage.

Concrete Paving Company A concrete paving contractor may be a joint venture partner with a hot mix manufacturing company like starch & concrete, cement board, or hot mixers. They will prepare the concrete mix for the project by using a batch machine. Once the batch is ready, they transport it to the site of the job. Concrete must cool before it is transported to the job site. Batch plants use heaters to prevent it from melting during transport.

General Liability Insurance Policy The majority of general liability insurance policies contractors insurance protects the contractor in the event of property damage or bodily injuries to employees or others caused by the contractor’s negligence. The workers are protected as well. If the negligent paving contractor has caused them to incur medical bills or lost wages, the injured party can seek financial compensation. The injured party can also sue for physical or emotional pain and suffering because of the incident.

Business Insurance Policy This coverage is necessary to protect your investment in the company. If there is a loss during that period, you will be responsible for paying for the legal fees and other expenses that you have incurred.

It is important that you get the right kind of coverage because the liability in this industry can be high. Many small business owners file claims for personal injury or property damage due to their own negligence. It is better to get the right kind of coverage before you hire the services of a contractor. There are many options to protect yourself against liability. A personal injury or property damage attorney can help you navigate your options.

Property Damage Insurance Coverage Although most construction contractors have insurance, it is not as effective. These contractors may have low deductibles or low limits of liability. Check that your contractor has adequate property damage and liability coverage. You should have enough insurance to cover any property damage that is caused by negligence or mistakes of the contractor.

Personal Injury Protection Professional liability insurance protects you in the event that a contractor causes injury to an employee, subcontractor, customer or any person. Many contractors don’t provide adequate coverage, and some have insufficient coverage. You want to make sure that you only hire reputable people who have sufficient experience and have a track record of settling cases. This will ensure that you are protected from any legal fees, medical bills, or other expenses that may arise from an accident. You can also get protection against excessive legal fees.

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Bodily Injury Liability Professional liability coverage for bodily injury protects you in the event that you are injured while on the job. Personal injury protection does not cover property damage or liability coverage for bodily harm. If the contractor fails to carry out the work as agreed, you have the right to sue them. Paving companies need to have liability coverage that covers their properties. This should cover all types and injuries. Your employer is required by law to provide you with the proper bodily injury protection.

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